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Madison Reed was founded in 2013 with a single mission: to empower women to color their own hair with home delivery kits at a fraction of the price of traditional salons. Their promise was to provide luxurious home hair color products starting at just $22/month.

Madison Reed created a rich online experience, including a virtual try-on tool and color-matching quiz to help women select from 55+ shades, all free of ammonia and parabens.

The Goal

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental membership that makes it easy to discover new jewelry styles without the commitment to purchase.

A long-time partner of Primer, Rocksbox wanted to test out a fast-growing channel – TikTok – and achieve a new level of growth.


Accelerate Growth

Since 2018, Omirank has partnered with Madison Reed on Facebook marketing, aiming to dramatically ramp up new customer acquisition. For the first year and a half, the sole focus was to drive prospective customers to their online experience.

Then in 2019, Madison Reed came to Omirank with a challenge to support their expansion into brick and mortar Color Bar locations.

Together, we needed to find big wins quickly with a new product offering, positioning in the marketplace, and brand pillars.

The First Six Weeks

Tests Launched


Winning Ads



  • Ad creative was reimagined to focus on TikTok and its native styles that users expect. The team worked the Rocksbox brand into that native experience.
  • Rather than leading with Rocksbox branding, the creative leaned into key pop culture moments, music and quiz-style to make the ads feel user-generated and native.
  • Primer tested a high volume of ad variations with different copy, music, and sounds to find the winning ads.
  • Top-performing ads were consistently featured among TikTok’s Top Ads, for high performance.
  • These wins enabled Rocksbox to scale TikTok spend by 638%, discovering a new channel for growth.

*From July 2021 – March 2022


In just 4 weeks, Madison Reed and Omirank collaborated to produce over 400 tests across videos, images, copy variations and landing pages.The focus was on finding top performers to scale while hitting the goal CPA.

Omirank’s proprietary software was the key to launching and optimizing hundreds of tests quickly. The platform is powered by AI that pauses underperforming ads and boosts budget quickly to the early standouts.

What was the strategy?
Lucky for us, this kind of challenge is our speciality. We know that in digital marketing the key to scaling customer acquisition is rapid creative, copy, and landing page testing.

Omirank is uniquely positioned with a creative team, marketing team, and landing page platform that can generate the high volume of creative tests required to successfully scale on Facebook’s ad platform.

We had done it for Madison Reed before. During the first six weeks of the partnership, Omirank launched over 2,200 tests to find over 250 winning ads. To date, Madison Reed has run over 7,000 tests through their partnership with Omirank.



Increase in YoY* purchase conversion rate


Increase in YoY* customers


tests in 4 weeks



Together, we found three distinct scalable wins:


3 Simple Steps Landing Page

Through its platform, Omirank tested dozens of Facebook-friendly, mobile first landing pages for Madison Reed. Among these tests, Omirank found a big win with the 3 Simple Steps landing page, propelled by a new call to action.

In the end, Omirank’s landing page increased click to purchase conversions by 54%. Paired with creative wins, total customer acquisition increased 41%.

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