Using Sponsored Products

to Launch a Product to 4,815 Amazon Reviews

The Goal

Using PPC To Get More Sales, Which Leads to Higher Rankings (And Even More Sales)

So, what were USA Today‘s conclusions?

“Fifty-five percent of shoppers start their buying research on Amazon, a survey by marketing firm BloomReach found, and half of all shoppers say they rely primarily on Amazon for reviews, according to Market Track, an e-commerce analysis firm.“

50% of all shoppers start on Amazon? With Amazon’s trajectory, you can assume this will only grow larger.

This rise in shoppers has caused a flood of competition from sellers. One of the very best ways to go toe-to-toe with your competition – and win – is to activate Amazon PPC Ads.


Test High-Converting Video Ads

The #1 Selling Drink Mix on Amazon

Stur Drinks is a great company with a great product. Born in 2012 in a crowded market, this family-run company started when Neel Premkumar created the naturally flavored water enhancers in his own kitchen. His drive? Helping his wife drink more water while pregnant with their twin girls.


The initial audit of Stur Drinks’ account had the number one issue that 95% of Amazon accounts have – no clear structure for their campaigns.

And what’s a good campaign structure?

We’ve explained this in the previous blog posts, but the harder you practice, the luckier you get, right? The best outcome for your campaigns is when they’re split into Auto and Manual ones.

Building a Creative Pipeline






“Since we started, you guys have grown our sales every month. So it’s been awesome and I think that for companies in that situation it just makes perfect sense to go from really not knowing what they’re doing, to a professional setup.”
— Kyle Pollack, Stur Drinks

You’ve heard this from us before, the chance that we’ll be unable to improve your campaigns’ performance is less than 2%. No bragging here, just tons of experience.

  • Having results in the first 30 days was not a… well… first for us with Stur Drinks. We’ve done this by:
  • Having a customized plan of action from the beginning, as we’re doing with every client
  • Expanding the campaigns in Seller Central
  • Rolling out Amazon Marketing Services campaigns to increase the volumes
  • Optimizing bids to make sure we are hitting the target
  • Going through the campaigns’ history and pulling out negative keyword


Our high volume of testing quickly revealed native ad units that drove significant increases in purchase volume and ROAS.


Increase in Revenue


Better ACOS (Ad cost over Sales)


Increase Reviews

“I appreciate your service and the way you do business! It was super cool from the beginning. You are the Tim Ferris prototype business, and that’s badass. Mike, you created an awesome business.
It’s always a scary time for businesses when they’re trying to find a partner and there are so many companies that need services like yours.
Typically, it’s going to be people like us, smart with their business, but that don’t get digital that much; which makes the process scary, because you don’t really know what you’re looking at.”

– Kyle Pollack,
Brand Manager at Stur Drinks

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